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About Us

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build economic strength for small and micro business owners, including young entrepreneurs, in underserved communities, helping you navigate personal and professional development that prepares you to uniquely brand your story and become successful entrepreneurs.

What We Do

As a social enterprise, we specialize in digital marketing, business administrative support (Virtual Assistance), and business consulting for small and micro businesses. We provide purpose driven entrepreneurs with unique strategies to tell their story through branding.

In turn, we create opporunities for youth mentorship and interships that can lead to job opportunities with EGE, plus access to a network of other opportunities.

Personal & Professional Development


Life on EGE Personal Development Masterclass

Professional Development eCourses

Guidance, research and development towards career pathways and entrepreneurship. This includes resume optimization, coaching and access to resources that help reach your goals. We compare Private corporate jobs vs state & federal government jobs.

Leveraging what we’re already good at an making it a profitable business

Business eCourses

  • Formation

  • Finances

  • Infrastructure

  • Project Management

Virtual Assistance

EGE provides virtual assistance services with EGE Assistant (TM). Hire our consultants for your day to day business management services and operational needs. We offer scheduling, correspondence, file management, administrative infrastructure, process improvement, and much more! All which aid in running your business more effectively and keep you organized. We use the latest systems to develop and customize a strategy that works best for your business.


We offer Digital Marketing, Administrative Support (Virtual Assistance) and Business Coaching.  

As Small Business Consultant, we advocate for home-based and small business owners. Unlike our competitors, we're invested in developing a personal connection with each of our clients to help your business succeed. 


Our goal is to guide small business owners on improving business operations and management as solopreneurs and owners. We provide consulting to operate more efficiently, saving you time and money. This includes managing self-work, which is the source of how you busuness operates, streamlining operations, workflows, projects, and other business tasks. This optimization can increase the bottom line of your business. We also prepare you to transisiton as you build team capacity, allowing you to scale and grow your buisness! 




  • Business Coaching

  • Career Alignment

  • Academic Counseling

  • Personal & Professional Development

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