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EGE Foundation
Non-Profit Organization

Who We Are

The EGE Foundation is a nature-centered nonprofit organization focused on STEAM application and methods, created to help BIPOC youth tap into their excellence and empower them to be self-sufficient so they can pursue purpose-driven professional opportunities that create meaningful impact for the future - for themselves, their families, and their community. Our programs allow youth to explore their unique interests through a STEAM lens. We help identify the endeavors students want to accomplish and help them find resources to do so. We believe that exposure and education are key to excellence and success.


Our Philosophy is "Knowing where we come from to discover where we are headed." This means understanding oneself to identify purpose and a path forward, including the added value that we bring from serving our communities and society. "


To provide education, exposure, and opportunities that help transitional-aged youth (Ages 12-24) discover intellectual strength and passion in areas of interest. We provide youth with the necessary tools and resources to pursue  purposeful professional futures,  empasizing academic and career interest in STEAM  fields of study.


To bridge the economic gap in BIPOC Communities by strengthening "Generational Exchange" of  knowledge, wisdom and experiences that directly connect our history to developing the  new leaders within our youth and Future Change- Makers!


Our goal is to provide opportunities for academic and professional development such as college readiness and career development skills that include resume building, interview skills, workplace etiquette, and relationship building as students prepare to transition into adulthood. We also teach goal setting strategies, in which we identify a student's unique strengths, creating a road map that aligns with their interests and talents. 


We accomplish this by curating engaging experiences that broaden their knowledge of opportunities to grow and earn income, all while learning skills like budgeting, saving, and planning. Students will love our activities, sustainable gardening, field trips, and more, all while learning to face setbacks, persevere, know their personal value, build their reputation, and establish safe, trusted relationships with adults and mentors. 


The EGE Foundation partners with school groups, communities, local organizations and libraries offering youth mentor services, academic counseling, volunteer and internship opportunities.



Junior EGE Pioneers

Fulfilling the mission of our organization, The Junior  EGE  Pioneers program works to inspire and mentor transitional- aged youth (Ages 12-24) to reach their greatest potential through personal and professional development along career and entrepreneurship pathways, providing access to unique employment opportunities and entreprenurial experiences plus the resources and tools to reach success along the way! 

We dive into professional skills such as resume writing, professional etiquette, presentations and public speaking, time management and so many other practices that are essential for successful professionals.



College to Career Readiness (High School Junior & Seniors)

This workshop helps students prepare for college including the application, acceptance and enrollment stages all the way through planning for transitions in the first year of college. We work to connect your academic pursuit to a profession that you are passionate about.

Exploring Creative Entrepreneurship (Ages 12-24)

This workshops is designed to help students understand the fundamentals of entreneurship including forming  a business, buidiling a brand, marketing, financial literacy and networking.

Through these workshops, students will gain practical life skills of being independent and responsible decision- makers. This program designed to get students thinking of professions they want to pursue and exploring opportunities to gain financial independence.  We strive to provide a funnel towards successful futures, encouraging our youth to pave new pathways and reach their goals!

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  • An Outdoor Natural Resource Education Program for BIPOC High School Students to explore and learn in nature to discover their curiosities through the STEAM lens. This sixteen- week program takes students on a path of education, research, project development, skills application, and result-driven outcomes as they become familiar with the natural world. Students will also learn about sustainable gardening in our community Garden, Grounded, building skills and practices that can be applied in everyday life leading to less impact to the environment. 

  • After learning about key environmental impacts, our coexistence as consumers and what we can do to make things better, students will have an opportunity to conduct research in the classroom and in the field to develop their own community impact projects centered around one of the various topics we identified as issues effecting the environment. The purpose of this program is to make students aware of why it is important to protect the natural environment and how our individual efforts really do make a difference. The program also intends for students to become stewards of the environment by sharing knowledge and spreading awareness from this experience. 

  • Each student will develop professional skills presenting their research and projects to public audiences in various settings. This is an opportunity to build networks and is a great attribute to add value to their resume and college or job applications.

Little EGE Dreamers

Coming Soon!

A storybook reading circle for young children in BIPOC communities and schools, where our Founder reads-a-loud illustrated books on the story of EGE, learning about nature, empowerment, perseverance and much more! This program will inspire children to dream big and reach their greatest potential! These events are accompanied by a free book giveaway to the classroom or school library for children to have access to these stories, reminding them of their greatness!

Kids Reading Book in Park
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